Tired of waking up at 6am to compete with other golf members to reserve next week's prime tee times?

Well, is the ultimate tee sheet scheduling service to solve that specific problem.

We have a team of professionals working around the clock to make sure you get the tee times you want, GUARANTEED!

How it Works

By Wednesday of each week, you send us 5 preferred tee times (in order of preference) for each day you will play the following weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We guarantee grabbing you one of those 5 preferred tee times or your money back. Again, just to make things clear, you'll send use 5 tee times for Friday, 5 for Saturday, and 5 for Sunday via an online form and we'll grab you one of those 5 tee times for each day you want to play, guaranteed or we send your money back. The best part is we believe in earning a man or woman's business so your first tee time scheduling is free on us just so we can prove to you that our service works!

How to Pay

All you need is a PayPal account and you're good to go. Our customers pay per tee time by Wedensday of each week for us to reserve next week's tee times. We collect payment on a per week basis because we understand that your desired days and times can change from week to week, especially as the seasons change. All payments are made through PayPal as a trusted payment gateway so we don't handle your personal credit card information. Being an online service, we understand that our customer's trust is key to our success. That said, we will need acceess to your tee scheduling system (ForeTees, etc.) account, so we recommend setting your account password to something that you're willing to share with our team.

What We Charge

We charge $40 per tee time we schedule (or $10 per person if you're playing with a foursome, depening on how you look at it). If we schedule you a tee time that isn't one of your five preferred tee times then we will give you your money back for that tee time scheduling. That's our guarantee. When it comes to collecting payment from others in your golf group, most of our customers are foursomes that elect a representative from their group to schedule and pay for our service. That representative then collects $10 from the other group members at tee off as reimbursement for guaranteeing them the desired tee time. Some customers even build the cost of the service into that round's money games (e.g., losing team or player pays the $40). Again, it's up to you how you collect from the other members in the golf group.

How to Join

As we ramp up our scheduling staff, membership to our service is limited. We usually recommend one ambassador per foursome. We want to keep things simple and avoid groups from double paying for their desired tee times. Also keep in mind that, because of our limited staff, we only book tee times for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This allows us to process payment and delegate responsibilities to our staff members to guarantee you get the tee times you want. If your golf course tee sheet system (ForeTees, etc.) allows you to schedule multiple tee times then we can schedule back to back tee times for larger groups to tee off together. If not, you will want to have one representative per foursome to insure we can book back to back tee times. Three back to back tee times would need three representatives dealing with us, paying for our service, and collecting from the golf group. The only way to join is by filling out the Membership Request form below, and we will reach out to you via phone or email in a few days once we review your request.

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